1988 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si (old daily driver)
Specs: 135hp B20A5 fuel injected engine. 5-speed manual transmission. Sunroof. Red with black interior.
This car is being parted out due to the poor body condition. Another prelude coming soon.

Current Mods:
-Gladman Performance short shifter
-Gladman Performance strut bars
-APC racing pedals
-Fireball style muffler and cat converter removed
-JVC MP3 deck
-KOSS and AUDIOVOX speakers
-Pioneer Premier bridged amp powering two 10" Crankenstein subs
-NGK plug wires
-300zx hood scoop and custom intake
-Mazda 626 digital instrument cluster
-MSD SCI-L / MSD Blaster SS

Work Done:
-replaced dented passenger door with one from the junkyard
-replaced cracked driver tail light with one from the junkyard
-painted valve cover red

How-To Section:
I will write a few how-to's for some of the mods I do. I'll also include pictures of the progress.
-Project Hood Scoop
-Project Air Intake
-Project Digital Instrument Cluster
-Project Turbocharger
-Project Short Throw Shifter

Prelude Links:
-My cardomain page
-Vancouver Prelude Club
-Prelude Shop Manual


1970 Datsun 521 (project truck/daily driver)

Specs: 100hp Datsun L16 1.6L engine. Everything stock, except the wider tires/wheels.

To be done:
-14" air filter assembly install
-weber 32/36 conversion
-new exhaust manifold and piping (2")
-wheel spacers

Maintenance planned for summer 2006:
-drive belt, valve cover gasket, brake master cylinder replace, air filter, fuel filter, water pump, thermostat, wheel spacers, oil filter
-down the road: head gasket, pistons, piston rings, valve seals, misc gaskets

Work/maintenance done:
-300zx hood scoop
-MSD SCI ignition / blaster 2 coil

Canadian Tire matching parts list:
-thermostat housing bolts (61-2423-6, 61-2598-0)

My Tips:
-Thermostat/housing replace: I encountered a problem while doing this today. The bolts were too old and started to strip when screwed back in. It partially damaged some of the threads in the bottom assembly. I used the 61-2423-6 (Canadian Tire) bolts which are slightly longer than the old ones went right in and tightened up fine.

Links and resources:
-Nissan Forums
-Datsun Pickup Lovers
-The Best Source auto parts for Datsun 521
-Rock Auto (very large collection of parts)
-preterhuman.net's datsun 521 texts



1988 Honda Accord EX-i (old project car)
Specs: 120hp A20A4 fuel injected engine. Automatic transmission. Sunroof. Tan with rust!

Sold this car...


Some How To's/Tips/Whatever:
-Finding Your ECU: Move the driver seat up all the way. Remove the plastic cap off of the ECU box under the seat. You are now looking at the LED which displays any error codes.
-Accord Engine Diagram: click here.
-B-series engine swap: With the appropriate mounts, plus the required replaced items, it is possible. Read this 3geez posting to find out what you need.
-Turbocharger: The parts you need and how much it will cost. Read this posting.
-Quick Engine Clean (from 3geez forum): Spray a bottle of G.M. Top Engine Cleaner through the throttle body while reving the engine. After the white smoke from the exhaust stops, your intake and valves have been cleaned.
-Paint Your Valve Cover: Remove the three bolts and take the cover off (for first time removals, you may need to hit it with a rubber mallet). Use heat resistant paint from your local auto body store. Remember to clean the cover first.
-Racing With An Automatic (from vancouveraccords.com forum): Rev your car to 1.5 in D4. When light turns green, shift to D3. When you hear it change to second gear, shift to 2. Hold it to about 5 then shift to D3. When you hear you car go into 3rd gear, shift to D4.
-Flamethrower Exhaust: Click here to read the posting.
-MSD Ignition install: link

-3geez.com - forum with everything honda accord 86-89
-jcwhitney - good parts site
-h22a.org - information on the H22A engine
-jdm honda parts - a selection of honda engines
-what is VTEC? - learn about Honda's innovations