project: short throw shifter

To increase shifting speed by shortening the distance between gears.

-short throw shifter

This is mainly an installation guide for those of you who have purchased custom short throw shifter assemblies from such companies as Gladman Performance. For constructing your own short throw shifter, the shifter must be cut and the center point raised. This requires welding equipment as the entire middle section must be raised.


Step 1 : Removal Preparation

To begin, you'll need a short throw shifter assembly. As seen in picture 1.1, I have two custom made assemblies from Gladman Performance. The one I will be using is the one with the OEM shift knob on the top. For removal of the existing shifter, you'll need to remove the console. This also requires removing the shift knob in order to slide the boot over the shifter. You should end up with what you see in picture 1.2. In 1.3, you see the most difficult part of the install. There are two bracket pieces which secure the shift cables to the shift plate. You may need to use WD-40 to make it easier removing them. Be very careful not to break them or you'll end up doing some ghetto rigging during the re-install.

Picture 1.1
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Picture 1.2
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Picture 1.3
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Step 2 : Parts To Remove

All you need to do is remove the ends of the shifter cables which attach to the shift unit itself. There's a few small pieces which you will be removing... DO NOT LOSE THEM. In 2.1, you see the small parts I'm referring to. In 2.2, you see the shift cables removed from the holes in the shifter plate. There are 4 bolts holding the shift plate down. Simply remove those bolts and the entire shifter will come out.

Picture 2.1
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Picture 2.2
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Step 3 : Installation

This is the removal process backwards. Put the new shifter assembly in and reinstall the 4 bolts. You can also use a few small washers placed underneath the shift plate to stiffen shifting. You'll need to guide the two shift cables back into the holes in the shift plate and reinstall the bracket pieces which secure them. Then re-attach the cables to the shifter using the pieces I told you not to lose. If you look directly below the cable attachment for the right side cable, you'll see a small line in the shift plate. This helps you adjust the cable to the proper setting. Test drive the new shifter before re-installing the console in case you need to make adjustments. Picture 3.1 shows the new shifter assembly installed and ready for a test drive.

Picture 3.1
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