project: turbocharger

To install a turbocharger on an 88 Prelude 2.0si.

-custom exhaust manifold
-custom downpipe
-1G DSM BOV and flange
-custom mandrel bent piping
-upgraded injectors
-upgraded ignition
-boost and A/F gauges
-apexi S-AFC
-MAP sensor missing link
more to come....

This project probably won't be completed until sometime close to or after christmas of 2004. Funds are currently being used to pay off loans for other mods and whatnot. Anyhow, this writeup will be similar to the digital cluster page in that I will list my progress in chronological order from start date. My list of supplies is my guess of what I'll need. This will be my first experience with turbochargers so I'm sure I'll run into more supplies down the road. I have intercooler listed for supplies even though I may not end up using one. I will be running a relatively low boost level (around the neighbourhood of 4-5psi) allowing me to run without serious engine modifications. I've also listed upgraded ignition though my MSD-SCI and SS blaster coil will handle the task.

03/17/04 - The day that started it all... Went to the junkyard to pull another digital cluster from a Mazda 626 and I came across an '86 626 with the turbocharged 2.0L engine. Looked in the bay and everything was intact. The turbo also seemed to be in good condition with no shaft play. How could I let this go to waste? It actually took me two trips to remove everything. Easiest route was to simply unbolt the manifold and downpipe and haul everything and disassemble later.

The turbo
(click to enlarge)

Turbo and manifold
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Looking kind of used
(click to enlarge)

I'll take the downpipe next week and see if it'll fit into the Prelude's bay. I'll also have to keep an eye out for cheap turbo manifolds for the Prelude. In the meantime, I need to find out more about this Mazda turbo.


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